Employees getting online access ability to verify their employment details is something very interesting and widely acceptable. If an employee wants to access his or her paystub records dgme online portal can be used irrespective of whoever you are like a retired employee or a new hire. It is important that you have an employee Identity number and the respective password which can be obtained by creating an account in the portal. This becomes a handy experience for accessing their pay stubs and also it is free of cost for them to get the identification number and the password. If only you are a new hire you have a mandatory option to create an account and also password.

DGME Paystub Login Instructions

It is very clear that every new hire has to go for registering in the dgme online portal but before that, they have to really understand what are the login instructions and what kind of details have to be kept ready before we begin the process.

  • Make sure that you have your user ID or the respective employee Identity number
  • Get ready with your social security number and the date of birth

To login, check out the following steps

  • Login to the website https://websso.dolgen.net/ssoa/default.aspx?siteid=72
  • The login page gets opened
  • Provide your employee Identity number
  • Type your first name which you have given at the time of registration
  • Enter the created password
  • Click the option login

DGME New Registration

  • Enter into the website www.websso.dolgen.net/sala/newregiatration.aspx
  • Provide your personal information in the required option
  • Enter your employee Identity number
  • Provide your first name
  • Type your last four social security number
  • Choose your birth month in the dropdown list
  • Select your birthday and birth year
  • Click the option submit

DG Paystub EID Look Up

This section is to get you through the steps of employee id retrieval.
  • Get into the link websso.dolgen.net/Asia/default.aspx?siteid=72
  • If you have forgotten your employee ID then click the option look it up here
  • It gets redirected to the option
  • Click the link existing user
  • Verification of your name date of birth and year will be done
  • SSN number will also be verified
  • Press the button submit

DGME Paystub Forgot Password

  • Open the link websso.dolgen.net/Asia/resetpassword.aspx
  • Reset password page gets opened
  • Type in your employee ID number
  • Enter the first name
  • Key in your last 4 digits of the social security number
  • Select your birth month, day, and year respectively from the drop-down menu
  • Click the button submit

Dollar General Pay Stub - Employee Benefits

The company strongly believes to serve others for the well-being of employees and they have designed the greatest benefits and packages as part of extending care to the employees and family members in their health and monetary goals

Health benefits

  • Employees are given insurance coverage related to their medical needs and it is viable for every individual in the organization.
  • Compensation can be claimed for disability respective of short-term or long-term
  • We can claim Life insurance benefits medical coverage travel accident adoption assistance and the benefits are many more

Betterment of life

This is the kind of empowerment program in accordance with their physical and psychological health aspects
  • Multiple assistance programs are given to provide counseling and law support
  • frequent lifestyle check and management programs are conducted
  • Financial literacy awareness will be given to every employee to emphasize the importance of savings and insurance

Retirement planning

  • Pre-income tax contribution is given up to 25%
  • Multiple investment suggestions and strategies are given

Rewards and recognitions

  • The organization is strong in providing competitive basic pay
  • Employees get their annual bonus
  • Every employee according to their works they will be rewarded and also recognized through the programs
  • To support and motivate employees holidays vacation paid leaves are given


What is dgme paystub?
Dollar general employees have an online portal to get accessibility for their employees’ information. If you get the login credentials of DGME paystub you will be able to access the information with 8 digit codes, ssn, and date of birth. This site provides information to present and former employees and they can make use of this portal to change address details or contact details.

I am a little confused about using tabs online. Can you help me in this regard?
If you have any queries related to your usage of tabs online do not get confused but follow the given steps here
  • Login to the website
  • See the option payroll on the left side of the page
  • Click the pay stubs option which you can get it from the dropdown menu
  • Next to the pay period, you have the icon which needs to be clicked
  • You can download any document that you need
  • If you need a PDF version then you have to select the PDF version in the respective paystub

Is using a pay stub a difficult option?
Making use of this DGME paystub online portal is very simple because it is a user-friendly platform and any person who is technical or non-technical, beginner or an experienced person can make use of this platform without any hassle.
What are the ways to get my employee ID?
To get your employee ID you have to follow 3 steps
  • Look in for your employee ID in your respective paystub
  • Ask your head or the superior for retrieving your employee id
  • Finally, check your look it up option

What are the benefits of dgme paystub?
  • Dgme paystub is very much convenient for employees and employers to communicate well
  • Manual searching and process would absolutely be removed and individual employees can access their details online
  • This gives you an easy access ability to recover your login details
  • You can be confident about your data and information storage
  • Whenever you need details you can retrieve from your respective dg Account

For what purpose people can make use of this paystub?
Paystub information is given to an employee to know about their deductions and salary details accurately
This gives them the quick access ability and also they are encouraged to maintain their data in a secure way
Moreover providing access to the employees gives them a feeling of being empowered